Cloud Mobile


Homeware and Decor

The perfect software solution for homeware, furniture, home decor shops, that meets multiple needs, such as the management and uploading of thousands of items and various supplier price lists, thanks to the automatic update by Cloud Mobile staff.

The inventory, the management of a large quantity of items in stock, the inwards and outwards inventory movements are, thus, significantly simplified. All the items in stock can be classified in product groups and statistics.

Cosmetics and Wellness

It is the right answer for all companies involved in the distribution and sale of personal care products: perfume, beauty, make-up, hair products, herbalist’s shops, etc. Easy and intuitive, Cloud Mobile is the best solution for the management of a single shop or a whole franchise network.

Thanks to the cloud technology it is possible to view in real time: sales, ordered items or items in transit through the shop or other shops, minimum stocks, ongoing promotions, profitability, etc.

Jewellery and Accessories

Cloud Mobile was designed to offer a very user-friendly and speed tool, easy to access even remotely. It focuses on the activities of a retail outlet or a store chain: warehouse management, real-time sales analysis, POS function for all cash register and customer service activities, etc. Already used by Marlù SpA franchise network in the jewellery sector and by other multibrand shops.

Electronics and Technology

The solution combines easy retail sales and a convenient warehouse management for all electronics, computer, hardware, home improvement, IT, and technology stores. It is suitable for both a single shop and a whole franchise network and it is useful in the cash register management, inwards and outwards stock movements, inventory, accounting, statistics and client retention. The certification of some of the main cash registers on the market enables Cloud Mobile to print the receipt directly on the fiscal register.

It is possible to manage returned items, technical assistance, goods delivery (and related warehouse loading), store credit printing. It also possible to match sales, customer database and supplier accounting. Unlimited accessibility from PC, tablet and smartphone.

Consumer Products

Thanks to CLOUD MOBILE solution for consumer products, even the most complex processes increase efficiency. The standards of security, quality and compliance for those working in the sector are complex. Cloud Mobile is the solution that enables you to meet your customer needs and organize your store at best.

Cloud Mobile enables store chains of consumer products to focus on transparency, reliability, sustainability, that are factors affecting customer loyalty. Cloud Mobile speeds up the launch of new products on the market.

Food and Beverage

The perfect solution for all food & beverage commercial activities (distribution). Cloud Mobile manages all the activities of the supply chain, including product supply, price lists and related reductions, promotions and prizes, sales and accounting.

Constantly up to date and available on the tablet of the sales force, the product catalogue follows the strategic logic of the company/store management.

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