Electronics and Technology

The perfect management software for your franchise

The solution combines easy retail sales and a convenient warehouse management for all electronics, computer, hardware, home improvement, IT, and technology stores. It is suitable for both a single shop and a whole franchise network and it is useful in the cash register management, inwards and outwards stock movements, inventory, accounting, statistics and client retention.

The certification of some of the main cash registers on the market enables Cloud Mobile to print the receipt directly on the fiscal register. It is possible to manage returned items, technical assistance, goods delivery (and related warehouse loading), store credit printing.

It also possible to match sales, customer database and supplier accounting. Unlimited accessibility from PC, tablet and smartphone.

Key features and advantages

  • Easy and quick point of sale.
  • Analysis and statistics of the sales, stock rotation and supply control.
  • Promotions and loyalty reward programs through collection of points and marketing campaign.


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