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Cloud Mobile

The retail solution for your sector

The complete management software that simplifies and speeds the operations of small and large shop chains of several market sectors.

More than 1500 franchise and multibrand shops in Italy and abroad are using Cloud Mobile.

Cloud Mobile keeps the price lists of products and services of all providers updated, it enables you to set targets (sales goals, rewards) for your stores and sales assistants.

POS • Management • Mobile

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Cloud Mobile

You can have your store
with you all the time

Use Cloud Mobile without limits and with the same features inside or outside the store. Available for desktop (Pc or Mac), but also for mobile devices (tablet, smartphone).

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Cloud Mobile


Cloud Mobile POS interface has been developed to make your sales easy and quick.

It enables you to manage the warehouse, the price lists, etc. according to the specific strategies of your sector.
Everything perfectly connected to your cash register with automatic printing of the receipt.

Full management

Owners, store managers or accountants will be able to monitor margins, accounting, state of progress and rewards of the store chain in real time.

Graphs and reports

Cloud Mobile tracks all sales operations in real time.

It is easy to understand what has been sold, who sold it, when and at what price.
Storekeepers and store managers will be able to monitor the performance of the shops in real time, selecting a range of reports right on the home page of the control panel.

Customer management

Cloud Mobile is able to record your customers' habits and to remind you whom to contact for the renewal of an expiring subscription. Through the Fidelity App integrated in Cloud Mobile you can communicate to your customers your business initiatives (promotions, offers, etc.)

Warehouse management

Stock upload, stock rotation, warehouse requirements, inventory transfer, safety stock alerts, inventory alignment, inventory value.

Cloud Mobile

Whatever your business
our support is ready to help you

A staff of telephony experts is able to respond to any request. Web assistance is on hand 24 hours a day. Every customer has a personal tutor, also after the activation. Video Guides are available to review Cloud Mobile features at any time.

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